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Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

The main objective of the program is to support specific areas of public and private non-profit institutions that have specific needs that our volunteer program can address.

The mission of our volunteer program is the development of connected projects, where the volunteer will work in the following fields: community development, culture, environment, training, education, recreation, national parks, forest protection, maintenance of public parks, painting of public schools, as well as humanitarian aid in indigenous zones, among others.

Upon the completion of the project each volunteer will receive a certificate of participation indicating the project with which they assisted as well as the number of hours that were dedicated to this volunteer work.

Who can be a volunteer?

A person considering working in this volunteer program should possess a natural desire to help others, a calling to volunteerism, or the desire to participate in humanitarian aid projects.  Some common examples of volunteers are:

People who are middle-aged or older, perhaps retirees

  • Groups of students older than 13 years of age (with prior authorization from their parents)

  • Professionals from all fields with or without volunteer experience and that have a positive, supportive attitude.

For more information, contact the volunteer coordinator Carlos Granados at sales@residencias-volcanes.com